Acorns for future Oaks

Good day!!

I will be traveling with my son Maxwell and thousands of acorns to offer to Lakota, for growing more oak forests in their lands. Please read our letter, and be in touch! Feel free to print and share with the community, to make our work the dynamic indigenous-led effort we intend it to be. We are at your service.

Acorn Planting pdf file – please print and share!  Feel free to extend our offer~

Ideas for Cooperative Action

While critiques of modern lifestyle and economy abound, it is high time to hone in on details and develop solutions one by one.  We offer here a list of ideas that respond to some of the most pressing issues of our day.  Each of these require focused teams to nurture, bloom and manifest these ideals.

Cooperative Healthcare –         We feel strongly that it is in everyone’s interest to assure good health for fellow members of the Society.  We hope to commit substantial resources to support healers, able to assist members in a variety of modalities.  Perhaps a mutual cost-sharing contract agreement will facilitate supporting those who are hurt or ill, while eliminating the complexities in insurance schemes.

Agreement of Mutual Respect –           We agree to Respect one another in our variety of lifestyles, beliefs, and pursuits, so long as these choices cause no harm.  This agreement extends beyond our own actions, also being a commitment to secure respect for a fellow member who may be dealing with an unfavorable situation.

Roger Williams Trading Post –            Essential to a thriving lifestyle for our members is the ability to access resources and assistance efficiently.  For this, we envision the re-opening of Roger Williams Trading Post as a venue for all such exchange.  Maintained using online forums, members may make offers and requests in real time.

Free Slow Food Truck –           Nutrition is the foundation of health, and it is our intent that everyone in the Society shall have adequate food day by day.  For this, founding members have developed a plan for mobilizing a catering truck to serve and deliver food around the state, also utilizing potential waste food, and abundance from farms.

Community Currency –            The modern economy often encourages international business, not local trade. The entire issue of “money” has become extremely convoluted, without even analyzing how it is printed at the whim of world bankers.  To settle this, we are introducing our own local currency, designed to account for local values, called COMB.  This allows us to redefine local worth.  Members may acquire start-up funds by demonstrating their ability to receive and honor the currency with their value, also joining a local business directory.

Free Education –          We are creating a new context for community fulfillment of daily needs.  This will require a fair amount of thought and education for all members.  To this end, we will host study groups in person and online.  The explicit focus will be upon how to become a contribution in one’s community, while fulfilling one’s passion and skills.

Job Offers –      Work for all who want it –       It is extremely frustrating to expend energy seeking a job, when there is clearly so much that can be done to better our community.  A standing offer of compensation in alternative currencies, for cleaning up litter, among other things, will be one way we consistently improve our environment while helping a member maintain momentum in their life.  Active job listings will also be found on the Trading Post pages.

Buying Club –    Protocols exist allowing us to leverage buying power in beneficial ways.  We have done group orders of bulk foods last year, and intend to continue this process, this time with added knowledge of how to bring prices down substantially, such that our members are able to source the highest quality foods with little monetary strain.

Tree Planting Incentives –        Trees provide many benefits.  Novel funding mechanisms may be able to provide full-cost rebates, or fill a rolling fund allowing members to contract for tree planting with little or no personal expense.  This program would not be limited to trees, but also include design and initial cultivation of homestead victory gardens, permaculture installations and food forests.

Governance & Safety –     Finally, if we as a society so choose, we may hold regular meetings to discuss principles and initiatives, including the potential enactment of services such as safety teams to assist members at any time.  Providence is our society to create, and we invite you to share your ideas as well, that we may reach them together.