Introducing… Free Providence

Providence is home to a spiritual ideal, affirming Soul Liberty; that each may know by direct experience his or her path to higher presence.


Providence was settled in a context of friendship and cooperation with the Narragansett people, and of acceptance of those escaping religious oppression.

Providence is a shining light on Earth.


Today, we renew the ideal called Providence: that of a place of peace, beauty, and tolerance.  This note is an invitation to declare the context of your life.  We have formed a Society to carry on the light of justice, truth, and freedom, clarifying our position of peace.


Again, Providence must be a bold voice of reason and humanity, in an era where many are made criminal simply by their manner of being.  We affirm that no crime exists that does not harm another, and declare sanctuary in this “haven for those, distressed of conscience” who desire calm peace in this day.




We accomplish this by joining together to declare and preserve mutual respect for one another.  Our principles are timeless elements of natural law, simply, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”  We intend to assist one another in assuring mutual dignity, security, respect, and health.  Nothing is proscribed, only our cooperatively fulfilled intentions bring this to be.


The founders of Free Providence Spiritual Society are asking you to be part of the redemption of America.  That this country has lost its way is apparent, in honesty.  We desire not to meddle in the wayward affairs of politics.  Renewing the spiritual destiny of Providence, and living rightly by simple moral code, we may be a beacon upon a treacherous shore.


Providence’ sigil is the Anchor, sign of meeting land after a voyage at sea.  May your connection with Free Providence contain the relief of finding Hope within the storms, and may our mutual efforts shine brightly, lighting the way for those who are lost, tossed by relentless seas.


What is Free Providence?

Free Providence Spiritual Society

carries the legacy of Providence, as founded in 1636, remembered by the greeting, “What Cheer, Netop?”  This story is evidence to the truth that there were American settlers who intended not to take land by conquest, conduct business by slavery, or genocide on native people. Many immigrants truly sought freedom and would not choose gain at expense of another.

That political leaders steered the country away from its original tenets is a shame, and their fraud in service of the “land of the free” is unequaled in our time.


Just as then, free-thinkers chose to abandon the british empire, and many other feudal conditions, leaving their known world for the frontier, now, we, the free-thinkers and those of conscience must find our frontier, in which to create a Society which truly reflects who we are.


Why a Spiritual Society?

Free Providence Spiritual Society exists by the natural creation of the founders and members.  It is unattached to prevailing corporate and political bodies, providing a safe common ground sanctuary of mutual benefit.


No longer shall we accept acquiescence to a barbaric empire, destabilizing nations around the globe to soften them for international corporate plunder.  We demand a return to justice and accountability on the part of man, that one may not destroy ecosystems only to hide behind corporate personas with limited liability.  It is beyond time for mankind to accept ultimate responsibility for

the Earth, our home; this begins in small things, expanding to the whole.  Let us begin here, in these lands around the Narragansett Bay, which we call Providence.


How will we carry this through?

“I Am Providence.”  We each have within us seeds of solutions for every issue we could name.  Yet our daily lives are spent contributing to an economic leviathan extracting resources and human energy at a frantic pace.  How will we break this cycle and enter a period of pragmatic creation that truly lifts our way of living?  Realize that this is a bold step involving adjustment and risk.  We intend to develop sound local trade networks offering abundant chances for active work, meeting the basic needs of everyone within this Society.  Activating one another along common goals, let us offer our skills with joy.  Recognizing and communicating effectively through close-knit circles formed by you and I, we will design and realize the elements required for us to know peace in our time.  May Providence be Real Today.

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