my friends,

Autumnal Equinox  ~~  What Cheer, Netop?




Providence speaks as the divine gift arriving when called for.

Providence is known by its swell of imagination creation.

We are called now to renew the intention of Providence

Leaving off the Plantations and setting Rhode Island aside.


BE IT KNOWN to all present at once on the Earth, the truth of PROVIDENCE will be!  BEING THAT this revolving planet will supply ALL if we know and follow the cyclic rhythms, and balance of needs.

FOLLOWING THIS trust in divine creation, we proclaim the return to a state of Love and care for all, cultivating our global home to the ideal Garden.

WE STAND to honor Life, and do what is right.  We honor each other as we honor our dreams; encouraging to go through and make it.  Thriving community inspiration, we form Free Providence, a Spiritual Society.


Providence embodies a set of values we each know in unique ways.  Yet we all may agree on basic principles: free thought, speaking truth; there are more.  As a Spiritual Society, Free Providence creates a contextual space where members engage and exchange thought and goods, abiding by principles.

Within a clear space, we choose natural law and equity, not coded regulation.

All Members are Free to create, be, offer and receive, within this agreement.


Let us Advance to a new wave of self-governing.  Let ALL compare their intent for free living with the truth of the course we tread; does this way lead where we hope to go?  Recall Providence is the harbor prepared to receive you, washed as it were in seas of confusion.  Dissolving fog, we beam bright light from rock, that land is ahead, now you know where you are.  Choose to come ashore as one of Free Providence members, as you trust and accept peace, brotherhood, mutual aid, respect, and ultimate responsibility.  Assessing who we are, we may renew ourselves, and change our story to one of fellowship and accomplishment of our living dreams.  May it be one in

Free Providence.


Truly,   MichaeL pauL GirouX

Man at Peace

Overseer, for Free Providence

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