Standing Rock Solid

What Cheer, Netop?




so calld September 27, 2016  ~  Narragansett Bay Area


THOUSANDS are gathered on plains land of the Standing Rock Sioux, protecting clean water.  Vital to this is preventing the Black Snake known as the Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing the Missouri River.  Oil pipelines have a history of failure and disastrous spills; as do tanker ships, offshore drilling rigs, rail cars, fracking water, coal ponds, shaft mines…  Many sources of energy are available, which do not threaten water, soil, or air.  Clearly it is not worthy to risk spoiling the clarity of our central rivers for generations.

This pipeline is ‘justified’ economically and approved easily, however, it should be quite clear that the protection of clean water is imperative beyond anything to do with political structures.  The two sides of this debate are being put into focus.  One choice is to continue resource extraction without concern; the other is a commitment to doing what is right for All Life, today, and for all time.  To honor the Earth, home of all physical life, as our Mother, we choose to care for each living thing.  Life is possible without the destruction in perpetuating modern lifestyles; we must be willing to change our lifestyles as well. Choose completely: Life / Death, Water / Oil, Give / Take, Love / Hate.  Each must choose forces to serve and express. Let us choose Good.

Free Providence, Spiritual Society, is founded on principles of Soul Liberty, Peace, and Truth.  We carry the legacy of Providence, as one christian settlement established in honest comity with indigenous tribes of Turtle Island, known by the willing gift of safe haven land from Canonicus and Narragansett people to Roger Williams and English companions.  We affirm that this way of peace may have been known across all the Americas; [yet sadly the Fat Taker culture, and modern U.S. arms, through thievery, deception, and violence, have overshadowed] the beacon of freedom which America may have been, and which, we declare, it still yet may be; and here we are now, to make this so, by committing our steadfast alignment with Earth; Mitakuye Oyasin.

We Declare that the crude extraction of resources is not in alignment with Life, and all processes now known to harm Life shall be readily decommissioned.  There are many ways to achieve the energetic benefits we now get from oil, less the environmental damage!  Only energy sources which are safe for Life will be considered. All are expected to Cause No Harm. This is the basis of Law. Environmental disasters cause such a wave of damage, there is no way of counting it. The harm unfathomable, our Law abhors it. Those pursuing this pipeline should understand their actions are unlawful and all good people and courts in the world may consider that the value of fracked sludge will never surpass FLOWING CLEAN WATER!  WATER IS LIFE!!

We humbly offer our support, gratitude, and friendship.



Mni Wiconi,


MichaeL pauL GirouX


Man at Peace

Overseer, for Free Providence

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